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One of the many reasons a partnership makes sense for local people is because of the area the two hospitals serve. Our hospitals are really close and similar in many ways. We both serve some of the richest and some of the poorest neighbourhoods in the country. 

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Our hospitals care for similarly sized populations of up to 390,000 people. Each offers a range of clinical services and some specialist services, for example spinal surgery at Ipswich Hospital and vascular surgery at Colchester Hospital. In addition, Ipswich Hospital also provides some community services.

Within this area sit two County Councils and three Clinical Commissioning Groups, and the local Sustainability and Transformation Plan - of which the Partnership is an important part.

The local plan for our health and care services is looking at how we can improve general practice and how our larger hospitals can be supported through shifting care, where it makes sense, to more community-based settings. This means supporting people to stay well and keep out of hospital where possible, providing excellent care when a hospital is really needed.