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The Partnership programme has been designed to ensure all our regulations are properly in place and that we are accountable to the boards of directors, supported by work with patients and carers, staff, clinicians, commissioners and others.

The governance structure for developing the Partnership is illustrated in the chart below.

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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the management and governance in both NHS trusts and NHS foundation trusts. The boards at both trusts have led the process of the Partnership, meeting often to develop a shared understanding of the challenges and a wider strategic view on how we could change. They will ultimately be responsible for considering and approving the nature of the Partnership.


Executive management committees of both trusts

The day-to-day responsibility for the management and leadership of each trust lies with the chief executive and a team of executive directors. Executive directors, together with senior clinical leaders, meet formally as the executive management committee. 

Partnership Advisory Board

The Partnership Advisory Board includes executive and non-executive directors of both trust Boards.                                                             

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Partnership Working Group

The Partnership Working Group includes directors, clinical leaders and senior managers from both trusts.                                                                     

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Reference and advisory groups

These groups include members of the public, patients, staff and local organisations involved in health and social care.

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