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Partnership Advisory Board

Partnership Advisory Board

The Partnership Advisory Board includes executive and non-executive directors of both trust boards. It reports to the two trust executive management committees, it meets monthly and has four main aims:

1. Developing a framework for the Partnership.
2. Supporting the development of the Partnership.
3. Overseeing Partnership plans and activity to keep the trust boards and executives informed of progress.
4. Agreeing recommendations to the Trusts on Partnership issues.


Role / organisation

Nick Hulme (chair)

Chief executive, CHUFT & IHT

David White

Chairman, CHUFT & IHT

Elaine Noske

Non-executive director, IHT

Diane Leacock

Non-executive director, CHUFT

Dr Martin Mansfield

Medical director, IHT

Dr Angela Tillett

Medical director, CHUFT

Dr Barbara Buckley

Managing director and deputy chief executive, CHUFT

Neill Moloney

Managing director and deputy chief executive, IHT

Lisa Nobes

Director of nursing, IHT

Catherine Morgan

Director of nursing, CHUFT

Dr Shane Gordon

Director of integration, CHUFT

Paul Scott

Director of finance, IHT

Dawn Scrafield

Director of finance, CHUFT

Alison Bailey

Director of communications, CHUFT & IHT