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Reference & Advisory Groups

Reference & Advisory Groups

In developing the Partnership we have created a number of reference and advisory groups. These groups include members of the public, patients, staff and local organisations involved in health and social care. This ensures the members of these groups are informed about the Partnership and able to influence its development.

The groups were also established to offer views, suggestions or opinions on good ways to speak with patients and the public as the Partnership progresses, as well as help us make sure we are speaking to all those who may be affected by the Partnership.

The groups established are as follows:

  • CHUFT Partnership Patient Advisory Group
  • IHT Partnership Patient Advisory Group
  • CHUFT Partnership Staff Reference Group
  • IHT Partnership Staff Reference Group
  • Partnership Stakeholder Advisory Group
  • Partnership Clinical Reference Group
  • Partnership Commissioner Reference Group

The advice and recommendations from all of our groups is shared and considered by the Partnership Advisory Board which is chaired by the chief executive of both trusts, Nick Hulme.

If you are interested in getting involved and joining one of our patient or staff groups, please let us know by emailing hello@ColchesterIpswich.org

You can find Terms of Reference, agendas, minutes and recommendations from the groups, as well as responses from the Partnership Advisory Board, within the publications library.